Barefoot sandals by SunSandals, invites you to "Bare Your Sole". SunSandals distinctive designs can be worn comfortably with or without flip flops for a relaxed casual feel, an everyday outing, barefoot in the sand, in the water or on the boat. SunSandals also accent a chic dress with your favorite pair of shoes. Choose from over 35 barefoot sandals of creative styles and colors with a high grade elastic cording and superior quality beads. SunSandals offers their barefoot sandals in three sizes to fit any foot flawlessly.

SunSandals wide array of designs are exclusively manufactured for the SunSandals Corporation.The SunSandals team went into designing these products with a something for everyone attitude. This is why there is a large range of styles and new designs coming out every year to adapt to the changing fashion trends. Many designs from the SunSandals team are geared for teens and juniors. Also, a wide variety of elegant, classy designs are offered for a more adult look.

Bare Your Sole